Hi everyone. I’m Kate. I have been a psychologist for just over 10 years and have gained a lot of experience in that time and meeting a lot of wonderful people along the way. More recently I created a place where little people and their grown-ups can come to explore, discover, flourish and thrive. 

The assessment process is often one filled with dread and anxiety – what’s wrong with my child? Through my compassionate, affirmative approach, I take the angst out of the process and make it one where you see your little one blossom, their strengths identified and highlighted and their differences acknowledged and supported. The assessment process is just the start of your journey to re-discovery and advocacy as your little one navigates the world around them. 

I have undertaken additional professional learning in many areas of autism, ADHD, learning differences and the broad range of intellectual functioning which enhances my personal and professional experience in these areas to provide you and your little one with the most accurate and relevant approaches to enable you all to have a clear path forward. I am a passionate advocate for a strengths-based approach and use this as a way they can be the best they can be. I stay up to date with the latest research, trends through connecting and collaborating with colleagues with similar professional and personal interests, but also with the very people who identify as being neurodivergent. I also have a nabk of resources I can share with you so your child can fully benefit from being a part of the wider neurodivergent community.

Kid Psychology is a place where you and your little one can start to build the community you both deserve in order to flourish and thrive.